Welcome to Calabarzon Project Monitoring System

Calabarzon Project Monitoring System (cPMS) is a web-based application that facilitates the enrolment of projects, submission of up-to date Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System reports and identification of problems that impede project implementation. It was developed using PHP programming language and MySQL relational database management system.

It contains a database of project information such as project profile, initial project report, photos, and progress reports. It also has Regional Project Monitoring Committee News and Updates such as Field Monitoring and Problem Solving Session Reports.

What is RPMES?

The Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES) was established to facilitate project implementation, and devolve project facilitation, problem solving and M&E to the regional, provincial, city, and municipal levels with the extensive participation of various agencies, local government units (LGUs) and non-government organizations. The RPMES covers all development projects—inclusive of ODA projects, undertaken by national government agencies, LGUs, state universities and colleges and GOCCs at the regional, provincial/city and municipal levels.

The National Project Monitoring Committee (NPMC) which consists of undersecretary level members coordinates and oversees the implementation of RPMES.

The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) consists of director level members, while the composition of Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC), Municipal Project Monitoring Committee (MPMC) and City Project Monitoring Committee (CPMC) is left to the discretion of the local development council (LDC) with the exception of the mandatory members indicated on the left. Among others, it is the task of the RPMC, PPMC, MPMC and CPMC to monitor the status of project implementation and conduct problem- solving sessions at their levels.


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