Status of Projects Encountering Problems

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#Project NameFindingPossible Reason/ CauseRecommendation
1Quezon Port Development ProjectOn scheduleN/AFast track remaining activities to achieve an accomplishment of ahead of schedule
2Construction of Wharf Slight delay in construction incremental weather condition during the last month of the year 2015 adjust the project timeline
3Quezon Port Development ProjectThe project was completed on schedule (April 10, 2016)The project started at the contractors own risk but high tide prevent the project from completing ahead of time.For turn-over and Acceptance
4Tingloy PortFor rectification of minor defectsImproper use of pier by boat vessel's rampRectification before issuance of project completion
5Quipot Irrigation ProjectRight of way problems
Refusal of land owner to enter of the project
Lack of land owners' documents needed for the processing of papers
Continue negotiation
Help the land owners coordination to the concerned agency regarding needed documents
For expropriation process
6Quipot Irrigation ProjectDelay of contract schedule of contractors
Unfavorable weather condition
Suspension of project contract due to bad weather condition
7Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 Cavite ExtensionRelocation of Utilities
Utility Relocation is not in full swing because of the processing of MOA between LRTA and Utility Agencies/Companies. (Telcos & Maynilad)

Meralco (On-going relocation of Electrical Post and Conductors)

On-going preparation of MOA
8LRT Line 1 South Extension ProjectDelay in ROW acquisition of additional lots1. Additional ROW due to C1A option that requires adjustment of Line 1 Extension Alignment to avoid clashing with C-5 alignment.
2. Additional ROW due to change in station location.
To secure approval of MOA between LRTA and Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) regarding the affected additional lots.
9LRT Line 1 South Extension ProjectDelay in Relocation of UtilitiesDelay in the approval of MOA between LRTA and utility providersContinuously monitor the approval of MOA, attend coordination meetings with the stakeholders and provide pertinent documents as required.
10Cavite Industrial Area Flood Risk Management Project (CIA-FRIMP)Difficulty in identification of lot boundary in some areasDue to gaps between adjacent lots based on coordinates described in the TCTs, lot plans, etc.
11Concreting of Manggagawa-Capuluan Central FMRBehind scheduleOngoing compliance to punchlistLGU to impose liquidated damages to contractor
12Construction of Atulayan - Bislian - Pamatdan FMRDelayed constructionPoor performance of contractor1. PRDP and LGU has already issued final warning to contractor for the -17% slippage
2. Contractor is requested to submit its disposition to LGU why the project should not be termianted
13Concreting of Camflora FMRDelayed scheduleWeather condition1. For close monitoring
2. Contractor has already remobilize equioment and committed to reduce the slippage below 5%
3. For submission of revised construction schedule incorporating the suspensions made during bad weather condition
14Concreting of Binay-Busok-busokan-San Vicente FMR, San Narciso, QuezonDelayed constructionWeather conditionFor submission of revised construction schedule incorporating bad weather due to typhoon Tisoy
15Concreting of San Vicente-Malaya FMR, Gen. Luna, QuezonDelayed construction
1. Variation Order issues
2. Slow Work progress of the contractor
Management meeting with LCE
16Manila Bay Rehabilitation ProjectDelays in the following activities:
1. Fabrication and Provision of Two-layered Compost Tumbler to Stakeholders to encourage waste segregation and increase waste diversion
2. Removal of submerged garbage
3. Fabrication and installation of steel trash trap
4. Establishment of Trash Nets
Delayed release of fund; very limited time of implementation
17Production and Application of Cellulosic Nanocrystals from the Wood and Processing Wastes of ITPSDelayed in the laboratory set-up using ventilated centrifuge into refrigerated centrifuge Late delivery of equipmentThe project's request for one-year extension (2 requests for 6 months) without additional funding was approved in order for the project to catch-up the delayed activities.
18LRT Line 2 East Extension Project 1. Delayed implementation of Package 3 - Electromechanical System Works
2. Delay in interfacing connection
3. Delay in construction works for Package 2 and Package 3
1.1 DOTr's late issuance of Package 3 contractor's Notice To Proceed
1.2 Relocation of some Meralco and manila water/Maynilad utility

2.1 Fire incident in existing LRT Line

3.1 Corona Virus
1.1.1 Thorough review of bid documents
1.1.2 Adjustment in bidding requirements
1.1.3 Close coordination with DOTr, PMO & consultant

1.2.1 Close coordination with LGU's and utility companies
1.2.2 Constant monitoring and supervision of works and other deliverables
1.2.3 Close coordination with DOTr, PMO, consultant, and contractor

2.1.1 Close coordination with LRTA, PMO, consultant, and contractor
2.1.2 Strong representation by LRTA top management

3.1.1 Close coordination with LRTA, PMO, consultant, and contractor
3.1.2 On-going review of contractors and consultants documents via email (Work from Home basis)
3.1.3 On-going skeletal workforce on job site

19Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 Cavite ExtensionDelay in the delivery of Right-of-Way (ROW) affected by the
alignment due to expropriation proceedings/cases.
Property owner's refusal to accept the LRTA's Letter Offer due to valuation issues of
their property leading to expropriation proceedings/cases.
LRTA-PMO to attend all court hearings/expropriation proceedings and provide
necessary documents when needed.
20Sangley Airport Development ProjectDuring the course of implementation, the DOTr finds it necessary to improve and ensure the flooding situation along the runway strip be permanently mitigated.
The existing airport runway lies along an airstrip closer to the sea with an elevation of only +2.00M from the sea level.
The DOTr using the CY 2020 Budget for Sangley, intend to improve further the drainage system by way of providing additional pumps along air strip, extending the sheet piling works and the addition of open line channels to ensure unexpected flooding in the future is mitigated.